a very good game any pokemon fan will enjoy

User Rating: 8.4 | Pocket Monsters Ruby Version GBA
gameplay- well this game is no different than any of the other pokemon handheld game you go to the professor and you get your first pokemon and your adventure begins, in this version your rival is a girl named may which you will run into sometimes during your quest, and can get annoying sometimes. along the way you can catch pokemon to add to your collection.
once you catch your pokemon you will want to level it up so you can fight the higher leveled pokemon, and the only way to level up is by battling other pokemon, but certain battles will not level you up like if you link up with a friend and battle your pokemon will gain no experience points, but if you can find your friends secrete base you can battle their pokemon there and then they can level up. the basic object of the game is to become the pokemon master, and to do that you must beat the 8 gym leaders, and the elite four. the gameplay in ruby is great like any other pokemon adventure game.

graphics- well most of the game on the gba do not have the greatest graphics but this one does, and they are certainly better than red, yellow, and blue versions graphics. with the stunning backgrounds to how nicely detailed the pokemon are, and all the towns are really nicely done. if you ask me the graphics on this game were outstandingly done.

sound- as of any other pokemon game the sound is really good. one is when every battle starts the pokemon lets out a cry, another thats been on all pokemon games is that every different town or cave or a new place you get different music that fits good with the place. a thing that may of been nice is that there is no voice on the the game for the characters they say nothing but that really dosen't bother me me but maybe they should try it on the next pokemon adventure game. but over all i think the sound is very good.

value- this game has terrific value it will keep someone who wants to beat this game a very long time and after you beat the elite four their are many other things to do and their are a lot of side quests you can still do like once you beat the elite four some rare pokemon and legendary pokemon will become availible. a lot of people especially pokemon fans will really like this addition to the pokemon series. the games price is also a pretty good bargain when it came out it was about $30 now it can be found anywhere from $10-$20 at gamestop or eb. so over all this game has terrific value.

tilt- so over all this game is a very good game from the battles to the simple stuff like surfing and fishing,and also having graphics that are outstanding for the game boy advance, there are many good things and some bad things about this game but over all this game is a real good game to add to your collection so this one is a good pick up, i reccomend this game.