Good but sometimes the difficulty doesn't have a middle ground.

User Rating: 8.5 | Pocket Monsters Emerald GBA
Meaning that the game itself has very easy parts, and very hard ones too. The game is great. I think it's better than Fire Red. The only other downside to this game is you can't fix the clock for daylight savings time and if you set it wrong. But anyway I highly recomend this game. It's gameplay is amazing. And I almost forgot how good the graphics looked on the GBA. Better than most the stuff on the DS. The game itself could truely be the best one in the series. I'm not joking. If you had to pick between the DS or the GBA I would say get the GBA just for this game. That's how much I love this game. There is only one other downside to this game and It's not that bad. The downside is that the casino area (Which I loved in Fire Red) isn't as fun. Sure the Roulette board is fun but where is all the people telling you to, "Get lost, Here's a million coins!" I always thought that was funny. Just like people feeding pidgeons to get them to leave.