This is one of the best pokemon game.

User Rating: 10 | Pocket Monsters Ruby Version GBA
There are many pokemon games.They are pokemon sapphire , pokemon emerald, pokemon firered, pokemon crystal, pokemon leaf green.Pokemon ruby is as good as all those play time of pokemon crystal is more than 20 hours.But my play ime of pokemon ruby and sapphire is more than 100 hours.But i don't want to tell that this is better than pokemon crystal.I think this to is better than one another.In pokemon ruby first player have to start the game with one pokemon from treeco, torchic or mudkip.Then player can catch any pokemon by beating them in a pokemon battle.player also can catch legendry pokemon.For that they have fo make full his pokemon.Player also can catch all old pokemon like picachu,bulbasur.In this game player get a rival.In this game there are 8 gym leader.For end this game you have to beat all those gym leader.Every gym leader give player a badge. Whatever this game is too good.