User Rating: 10 | Pocket Monsters Emerald GBA
There isnt enough i can say about my addiction with this game.
I bought it on 2006 and until i bought a ds and diamond on 2009 ive been playing fro over 200 hours. Yes 200 hours. Not minutes , hours and i doupt anyone can play a game for that long. If you like pokemon like me then there is a high probabylity that you will get stuck with it. It captures the playing mechanics and atmosphere that made pokemon the best anime in history. The whole goal of leveling up may seem boring but with friends it is incredibly fun , especially when competing at online tournaments or at the battle frontier.
Collecting all the symbols may look extremely tough but making the ultimate team will give you ultimate satisfaction. Plus you will also want to start the game over and over again as this is one of the few games that are awesome all game long.
Graphics and sound are pretty, battle mechanics may look simple but there is more than meets the eye and tactics with moves and items are complex.
This game is definitely worth its money! Even now!