Though it doesn't have the snazzy touches Pokemon Gold and Silver had, it's still a great Pokemon game.

User Rating: 9.8 | Pokemon Sapphire Version GBA
Though the Pokemon games have poor storylines, they're very fun to play. I was playing my Pokemon Gold file for well over 300 hours, and I just never got tired of it! Now that Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire have launched, I felt the need to buy Sapphire. Pokemon Sapphire is newer, has better graphics, gameplay, and has better sound than the old GameBoy Color ones did. But, it doesn't have the snazzy touches Pokemon Gold and Silver have. For instance, in Pokemon Gold and Silver, you could catch 252 Pokemon. In this version, you can only catch 202. A lot of the Pokemon that were available in Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver have simply vanished. But, the new Pokemon are nice, and I will give them credit for that. Unlike the dissapointing Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are true to it's roots. Great gameplay, great graphics, great sound, great...everything! The great things about the GameBoy Pokemon games is that, they let you do everything. And that aspect is still in Sapphire, thankfully. There are a lot of Pokemon to catch, some of which are harder than others, and some that are exclusive to color. The only difference is, now there are two-on-two battles. That's right, folks. Two-on-two battles. I could go and ramble, but, it's basically the same thing as the previous Pokemon games. You catch Pokemon, beat gyms, and travel to the Elite Four. But, these new versions captured everything that is good about RPGs and the Pokemon games, and packed them into in these versions.