More pokémons, more time playing

User Rating: 9.8 | Pokemon Sapphire Version GBA
Let's get this straight, if you ever played the Gameboy version of Pokemon before you probably liked it. It's so darn addictive and it's hard to put down the first time you play! This game is no different. You get everything the previous Pokemon games gave you(except this game has less Pokemon to catch,tsk tsk). Like the other Pokemon games you have to beat 8 gymleaders and the Elite 4 while foiling the bad guys along the way. There are plenty of new Pokemon in this game and some old ones too. This posed quite a problem for me because I can never find enough space for my Pokemon (You still can only have 6 Pokemon at a time).

Anyway, the graphics for this game, though not spectacular, they do the job well. Plenty of colours (You people spell this as "colors") and the looks of the Pokemon have been improved.

The sound in this game are pretty similar to the previous Pokemon game (Pokemon Centre music still has the same tune but it's been changed a little) and some music are quite catchy. I like the music when you go up against a gymleader (Pity you can only hear it 8 times).

However, once you win this game, you don't really have as much to do as you had in Gold and Silver. Sure you still get to capture a powerful level 70 Pokemon and get to go up against the Battle Tower but it really gets boring from then on.