The first game I remember playing, and the first one I'll review.

User Rating: 10 | Pocket Monsters Ruby Version GBA
Story: In this game you play as a character, boy or girl, and have come to the region of Hoenn to become the very best, like no one ever was, It is simple and easy for anyone to follow. You will encounter team Magma and Aqua and will be forced to side with one of them in the course of the game. 100/100

Game-play: It is a turn-based role-playing-game like any other Pokemon game, but with new double battles, (that were new to us back then any way). New moves have been introduced and old ones return, and with over 100 new Pokemon, abilities, and natures. It is very addictive, and got me hooked onto the Pokemon formula. 100/100
Music & Sound:
Trumpets! Very good music that makes my heart move, even today. 100/100

Overall appeal: This game defined my childhood and was the first taste I got of the Pokemon games,any fan of Pokemon should play these games, though I recommend Emerald version over Ruby or Sapphire.

Overall: 100/100