this pokemon game is fun and cool

User Rating: 10 | Pokemon Sapphire Version GBA
well i can start this off with pokemon sapphire was a very surprising game for me, i thought it was going to be not fun, because well its pokemon, but when i played it i was like wow! this game is worth playing. i loved it so much i could hardly stop playing it. the pokemon are cool looking, and who you can play as is a good choice no matter if its the boy, or the girl. i also liked that they put gym leaders from the show in the game like watson. and the other things you can do is just fun. like making your own secret base, and finding rare candy's for your pokemons power. and the main thing i liked bout this game was it was easy but challenging at different parts of the game. like the trainers are easy because they could get really annoying if they were not. and the gym leaders are hard so you can get more experience for your pokemon. i recommend this game to pokemon fans out there, and if your not a pokemon gamer then try this if you like adventure games, you wont be disapointed.