One of the Best Pokemon Games on the GBA!

User Rating: 9 | Pocket Monsters Ruby Version GBA
The Good:
-Sharp Graphics.
-Catchy, memorable soundtrack.
-2-on-2 battling is a nice addition.
-New ,memorable pokemon.
-Good story.
-Frame rate is good.
-Addition of running shoes is a great addition.
-Battle screens have corresponding backgrounds (i.e: sand backdrops when battling in the desert.)
-Pokemon contests are a nice touch (pokeblocks are also good for enhancing your pokemon's abilities during the contests.)
-2 different types of bikes (Mach for speed, Acro for jumps, bunny hops.)
-New weather additions such as the desert on Route 111 and rain on Route 119, etc.

The Bad:
-Most of the battles are too easy (Most Super effective attacks result in one hit K.O's if not leaving less than 5HP remaining.)
-Only 64 of the original 250 pokemon are on the roster.
-Pokemon cries and battle sound effects sound a little muffled and tinny.