Another great title from the amazing Pokemon franchise.

User Rating: 10 | Pocket Monsters Ruby Version GBA
This game is old, but I have only just got a chance to play it. This game introduced the region, Hoenn, which is an island region. You start your adventure with a choice of three of the greatest starter Pokemon ever. (Choose Torchic!) As in the previous and future Pokemon games, you battle through eight gym leaders in different towns throughout Hoenn before battling the powerful Elite 4 and the Pokemon Champion! Before that though, the player must battle the legendary earth Pokemon, Groudon! Groudon is a beautifully designed Pokemon that looks great on the game's cover. Of course the legendary mascot is usually what helps gamers decide which version of a Pokemon game they would like, and Groudon basically made the choice for me too. Pokemon Ruby was a definite step forward from Generations 1 and 2. Although the removal of day/night cycles is a bad idea. Pokemon Ruby opened the line of GBA Pokemon titles beautifully and this fun game is definitely a must have for all Pokemon gamers.