User Rating: 9.4 | Pocket Monsters Ruby Version GBA
This game can only be improved on in tiny little ways. Its nearly perfect. Its graphics are nice for the GBA, its sound is pretty good, lots of Pokemon to catch *I'v got 57 captured as of now, i need to get up to 200*, lots of secrets, and so much more. Its only problems are: Creatures come WAY too often. Like, for example, when i'm surfing using my Gyrarados, i usually run into about 20 Tentacools and Wingulls in about 1 minute. It can get VERY annoying Its too easy. C'mon, who wants to have an ultra-easy game? or maybe its easy 'cuz my Blaziken is at level 54 :D Overall its a very good game, something nearly every GBA owner should have.