its a not bad game, it could be better

User Rating: 7 | Pokemon Ranger DS
Well Ok here is my Review for the Pokemon Ranger For the Ds.I got this game for only 19 bucks so i play it and it actually fun but kinda hard to play unless you have a good strategy in the whole game.

I have to say the Whole thing of begin a pokemon is Dif then any other game but i guest they wanted to make it very Dif then the other pokemon game. I Mostly think its a Not bad Game for a pokemon game. It mostly saving pokemon or Doing Mission to Earn your Ranks. The Story Line is good same to the music, the graphic is not bad but i think the game could been more better then it is now with better stuff on it like the info of the pokemon could go in D/P or Platinum on the Pokedex as seen Pokemon. Well this is my Review i guest. It still a Fun Game But little Hard and it will Tick you off easy so if you kinda like that person like me then i say don't get it but if you love pokemon and just want a game to play then play this one or the New Ranger version.