Honest Review

User Rating: 7.5 | Pokemon Ranger DS
Ok i got this game because it could get 1 free 14.99 game at gamestop and i chose this.

I actually put my other two games down and started playing this... why idk its just addicting

Gameplay 8/10
Its fun. at the beginning of the games you think omg i just spent money on this circle game but later you u have to start being smart about poke assists and crap like that its engaging and fun.
Buy a screen protector! you will scratch your touch screen with super circling!

Story 5/10
Bleh the story is kinda thrown at you and not developed enough but i think go rock is funny sometimes. also the story is super linear no exploring or exploration. But not terrible

Graphics 7/10
its a 2006 game..... But the graphics are nice 2d sprites. i like it.

sound 5/10 ugh .......... the sound is better off only on during captures. the background music is 2 short and repetitive and the pokemon's noises are from like red and blue

overall 7.5/10 i like it others might not so rent it if your not sure about all this exciting circling action!