A nice deviation from the standard Pokemon game! Fans will love it, and it may garner attention from others!

User Rating: 8 | Pokemon Ranger DS
Being the first game I bought for my DSi, I was mildly impressed. I love Pokemon and this game made me love it even more. Personally, I would have liked a game that was a little longer and possibly more challenging, but it is a Pokemon game, so I wouldn't bet my money on that. Review time!

Storyline: It's a good to see a change from the a-typical "2 b a master" (bonus points to anybody who remembers what that is a reference to!) game play of the series. In fact, it's great to see the player in control of somebody who is a hero in the purest definition. Helping Pokemon and humans alike is wonderful. It's a tad too simple for my tastes, but it's got the right direction. I think it's a great example to set for the younger Pokemon fans.

Graphics: Just what you'd expect to see on a DS game. Well animated sprites. The Pokemon are colorful and full of life. Environments such as forests, caves and sewers are detailed decently, though the towns leave something to be desired.

Sound: The game has some memorable music. Scores for the Go-Rock Squad and boss battles are some of the best in my opinion. Sound effects were crafted well too.

Controls: Use the stylus to move the protagonist or command your Pokemon. Moving the hero can also be done with the d-pad, but I used the stylus (after all, that's why I got a DS, isn't it?). Controls are tight otherwise and caused no issues. Some players have complained about scratched screens after playing this game for some time; bullocks, you don't have to press onto the screen to play it. Also, why wouldn't a half respecting gamer have a screen protector?

Summary: This is a game created for Pokemon fans, with most of those fans being quite young, it's understandable why the game is so easy. If you like light-hearted, yet, fun and somewhat addicting games, this is for you.