Oh yay, a new spin to the series... But why is it so easy?

User Rating: 6 | Pokemon Ranger DS
Well, first, I am one of those that played B/R/Y, G/S/C, and S/R/E. That is when the "Catch them all" and "Save the pokemon" thing got old. I sat around playing online games until I saw a commercial for Pokemon Ranger. I figured that they had finally changed the story and had moved on to something awesome for the DS. (I only had one for games like Brain Age and such.) So I went out the day it came out and bought a copy. I took it home and popped it in. At first I was kind of impressed. Now lets go through the countdown of my thoughts.

Wow, there is a different way to catch them. About time. And I am already on a mission? Yes, it is fast paced.

I did not quite get all the instruction down. Meh. Ok, I always figure it out pretty quickly.

10 minutes later...

Wtf? If Pokemon spit a little spore, it damages my line?!

Son of a ... I have to go back again.

20 minutes later...

Ok I finally have the hang of this. I am already done with this mission. What is next? Oh look, another mission.

Ok the mission almost seems the same as the last one. I am just going through here trying to avoid battles with pokemon so I do not waste time.

Now the game is too easy.

Holy crap. When will I ever face a challenge. Oh look. There is a challenge finally. I have to catch a legendary before the other guys.

Deja vu. Save the pokemon... Now I am halfway through the game it seems. Oh no. I have to catch more of these things.

Wow a actual challenge. Except now this stupid Charizard is becoming more of a pain in my ass. Better than it being stupidly easy though.

What? That was it? Yet another mission? Oh I have to end it. Go through this huge forest and go destroy the base. Wow. There might be a explosion.

20 minutes later...

Still trying to get to the base. I feel more like I am taking a hike now.

5 minutes later...

Oh look. The base. And what is this? The Charizard that I spent so much time trying to catch that ran away is helping me? How does that work out exactly? Why can't I just keep it?

Wow, the base...

20 minutes later...

Wow, the end of the base. Wtf. These guys are not even hard to beat. This just feels like elite four.

10 minutes later...

Congrats. You beat the game. Now go catch the other pokemon.

I caught them all. There were only like 120 or so of them. What now? What? Nothing?! Are you serious? This is probably the shortest pokemon game in history.

Graphics: 8
I would not call them impressive. But then again, all DS games have the same sprite graphics.

Music: 7
At times I did not feel it set with the zone.

Storyline: 4
It is just the classic pokemon game with less pokemon to catch and a different catch style. I am not amused.

Controls: 5
They worked. But after you got done with the game, you would notice lovely scratch marks all over your DS screen from all the circles.

Gameplay: 3
Very repetitive. Draw circles as fast as you can. Talk about arm and hand aches.

Overall. I would say this is a rental game. Not really worth owning. But it will keep you slightly amused for 10 or 20 hours. The game overall was too easy, but there were times when the game was a little frustrating. There is little to no trial and error and it is just a breeze.