Have fun making circles =p

User Rating: 7 | Pokemon Ranger DS
I have no idea why i bought this game, the only thing i thught was: "im going to need this game in the future",(and apparently i did). I was in gamestop one day when i asked to return the game. then the cashier told me "i would keep that if i were you". reason, turns out, you can get a manphy in rangers and put it in pearl/diamond.

But time to get on topic. This game is pointless. I beat it in 3-4hrs. you just make circles around pokemon? sounds boring.
I can only imagine what the next one will contain....

The only thing i like about it is the music. It had a catchy toon to it that made me keep playing.

If your like me and you like good rpg games like dwm, pokemon,ect. then dont get this game. once you beat it your just going to ask yourself: "did i just waste 3hrs playing a game?"