not that great unless you plan on using the game as a small ninja star to fend off ninjas (or for small children)

User Rating: 7.5 | Pokemon Ranger DS
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series(if a sequel etc)

this game is like an ex you dont wanna beat it. why? cuz the plot is totally stupidity protect animals (whoops Pokemon) anyway the plot is ok other then the stupid protect animals that come up often in the game. even if the go rock squad is an ok idea. the other stuff is good series wise. most importantly this idea they have is a new leaf i think it will carry on even farther than i think. why? its easy to maneuver, its so simple that a 5 year old could do it ,and its still difficulty yet playable by anyone. graphics wise its fair not like its overlord pearl and diamond. still its bound to happen as they had the rescue team or something on the gba. sound wise catchy not like amazing but Pokemon standards . despite the fairly big flaws its not bad. Pokemon lovers be my guest, anyone else looking for a rpg stay away, anyone under nine and still dosen't realize you dont just train your starter i recamend. i am really lucky this came on a holiday other than Christmas.

genre score 8.5/10.0

ok this is series i have not played the series so i can not truly answer (rescue thing not the groundbreaking good rpg Pokemon)this thus i can not be trialled falsely.anyway this game is of no caliber to the pearl and original Pokemon stuff. if these were guns tis would be a 10 while the Pokemon is a 40 what more likely to blow you away... anyway these games are of no match to the Pokemon games like Pokemon pinball, but are a good feeling great to test out the DS but RENT FIRST...and only gift to small kids whom cant train Pokemon other than the starter. why i try so hard on these i have no clue thus i end this

series score 5.5/10.0

ok this is it

graphics: 8.0/10.0
sound 7.5/10.0
value 2.0/10.0
tilt 3.5/10.0
game-play 6.0