Who all got the pikachu 3ds xl, and who wanted one?

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I called my local gamestop the 23rd and asked them if they were taking any pre orders on this 3ds xl and they said no. Then I asked how many they would have in stock and he said only a few and it's first come first serve. So on the 24th I went into gamestop as soon as they opened, first in line and asked if they had any left, he told me it was the last one. I did buy it, but my question is how did I get the last one when technically I was the first person able to buy it from that store? Did they really only get one in stock? And how rare do you think this item will be in the future, I sold my limited edition Zelda 3ds when it first came out and was bummed ever since. But now now :)
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I pre-ordered Pikachu 3ds from toysrus I was glad I did all the places around me were sold out when I went to check monday
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got two, one at target they had a 3ds xl sale for $159.99 (most target stores only got 3 in stock on the 24th) and then i had walmart price match targets price and got another to hold onto as new for a collectible. from what i've seen most stores only got a few so i'm not surprised, target was sold out within 100 miles of me by 1pm, i went when they opened and there were two other people waiting for one we all got the three they had.

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I was able to get one online from videogamesplus, I had lost hope cause it was already sold out on walmart, gamestop, target and toysrus, decided to check on videogamesplus and they had it, 5 minutes later it was sold out there too. I feel lucky.