This is very addictive, Pokemon fans and newcomers will be excited . Every pokemon is here, from Bulbasaur to Deoxys.

User Rating: 9.5 | Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Aka no Kyuujotai GBA
This dungeon explorer takes full advantage of the Pokemon series. The story is beaten in just over 10 hours, but it keeps going for a long time. The dungeons are randomly made, and does have an engaging story. From building your team base, to learning your true identity, this is deep.

Graphics: This has good graphics, you can easily tell each of the 386 Pokemon apart. The dungeons are okay, and the battling effects work, I would rather this than having to skip to the cut-seen like in the versions of pokemon.

Sound: The music is good, and I find myself humming while I explore.

Gameplay: This is where the 9.5 comes from. After saving the Pokemon world It may seem over, but it's just began. Evolving, ranking up, catching every Pokemon including (Mewtwo, Celibi, Rayquaza) and the legendarys each have a reason or story to them.

This is a fun and addctive game you will be playing for weeks, I burn through night trying to get, say, Mewtwo or Deoxys on my team. With traps, millions of items, and just so many Pokemon to recruit onto your team, this is a new experience for pokemon fans of all levels.