User Rating: 8 | Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Aka no Kyuujotai GBA
In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team you play as Pokemon and help other Pokemon in need. You start out by taking test to judge who you will be, then you wake up as a Pokemon found by a Charazard and then you are off to save a baby butterflea in need. Once you finish that you are shown your new home and depending on your type your house will be different. After that you are shown around town and then you can free roam around town or go and save people. In the town you can buy or sell items, put your items in storage, and get new rescue missions. In rescue missions you will save people and sometimes you may have to recover something of theirs. Sometimes if you defeat an opponent they may want to join your rescue team after they join you they will follow you through the stage or be sent back to there holding area which must be bought at a store once they join you you can summon them before a rescue to help out. This game is fun and very entertaining, but is like other Pokemon just with you are Pokemon.