Fun, but it gets repetitive once you beat the main-story.

User Rating: 8 | Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Ao no Kyuujotai DS
When you first start, you answer a slew of questions and the game picks you character for you. I would have preferred to pick my character myself, but I guess I can't blame them for trying something new. Next you pick a partner that will go with you into dungeons on rescue missions. Right away you begin your "work." You learn that caterpie is lost in the Tiny Woods and you need to rescue him.

Anyway, you go through the game as whatever Pokemon the game picked for you and the partner you picked, completing missions and adding members to your team. All 1st-3rd Gen Pokemon make an appearance.

After completing the main-story you're free to roam around, recruit legendaries, evolve, whatever you want. At this point I lost my incentive to play because I completed all the goals. I may pick it up again someday, though, it was a fun game.

I recommend this game to any of the remaining nostalgic Pokemon fans, current Pokemon fans, and that's probably about it.