For me, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team has to be one of the greatest games I ever played

User Rating: 10 | Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Ao no Kyuujotai DS
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was the first game I ever got for the DS and even though my game collection has grown a hundred fold, this is still one of the greatest games I have.
From the simple art style to the gameplay, the game captivated me with its charms, its music and its characters, only to name a few.
You start up as a person who wakes up as a pokemon in a world inhabited by purely pokemon. You are found in the middle of a forest by your partner who you choose after you take a short diagnostic test that decides what pokemon you are at the very beginning of the game. After your partner finds you and you complete the first mission in the game, you two form a rescue team, a team that rescues pokemon in need, and that is the start of your amazing adventure.
Aside from the game play which is old school and fun, and its graphics that are simple and vibrant, the game strongest point is its storyline. The storyline will captivate you and really sucks you into its world. It will make you feel hate, love, sadness, joy and a lot of other emotions as the game progresses.
Even after you finish the main quest, there is still a lot of things you can do to keep you playing for quite some time. For example, you can recruit other pokemon to join your team and that alone will keep you hooked for quite some time. Even after the main story, the story even still extends further and offers even more of its extraordinary storytelling.
The music also does a great job in sucking you in. It properly sets the mood for the given situation, especially at the end of the game.
Overall, Pokemon mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team is a unique spin-off from the games normal formula that never seizes to amaze you with its charm and will forever leave an imprint in your heart.