Really awesome entertaining game!! (:

User Rating: 10 | Pocket Monsters Platina DS
Pokemon Platinum is an awesome version compared to Diamond and Pearl. There is more to do, more Pokemon to catch, and a lot more fun to be had. I love all the Pokemon i'm training and never want to give up this game. It's very easy to trade with Heart gold and Soul silver players as well; giving them Pokemon to help on their journey and them giving you Pokemon to help in your journey as well. The Sinnoh region is vast and players will have a lot to explore but in the long run ll the time spent building your team will so rewarding. I also recommend getting a strategy to assist you on your adventure. Players also get to fight Team Galactic, the "Team Rocket" of the Sinnoh region. You, your rival and other friends you meet in the game have an impact on Team Galactic's mission. Get this game and i assure you won't be disappointed.