Pokemon diamond and pearl reminded me, good and bad things again from the past (if you like serious reviews read)

User Rating: 8.5 | Pocket Monsters Diamond DS
Ah yes The 90's The greatest time in history for the video game (besides 08) I flipped on the T.V and saw the most amazing thing i have ever seen. Pocket monsters? Catch, battle, train, Evolve? this was a kids dream when the game came out. But many other pokemon games have come out and ruined the series entirely (excuse my gram mer) Diamond on the other hand is to many good things and also bad.

Graphics: For a DS game this is possibly the most amazing looking DS game that i have seen, even though sence it is 08 now there are better but last year this was un-real 9/10

Gameplay: As pokemon games progress Diamond and pearl have the same pokemon feel we have had sence 95 and is the same (catch, Train, Battle, obtain badge, etc etc) Now there is a variety of 150 new pokemon for you to spend 15 hours to catch. There are some nice improvements, like the poketech, a nice little helper to get you through the game as easily as possible. The pokedex is the same except when you see all 150 pokemon you get the "national Dex" Where you can see all the other pokemon from all the other instalments. The game is crazy long if you want all 400 some odd pokemon. The pokemon company really needs to change some things.

Online play: Yes finally! Screw the trading cords which hardly ever worked. In jublilife city to the west i think, there is a nice little(BIG) center called the GTS known better as Global trading station, where you can trade pokemon from all around the world. This is the best way to get all those other pocket monsters in the other pokemon games. A absolute outstanding choice

Guide Book WTF?!: No offense to Nintendo But the official guide book is absolute Malarky. It does'nt show you when the pokemon evolve, or where to find unless you flip 150 pages to find his enormous picture that takes more of the map and info then it needs to! has nothing to actually do with game, but just to let you guys know if your looking for those few extra pokemon good luck.

This is my Review on Pokemon diamond I couldn't find much more then to put in the review besides it's a good game. Happy reviews from