The Pokemon Game to get, and a must have for the DS.

User Rating: 9.5 | Pocket Monsters Diamond DS
The pokemon games are something that some older people or non nintendo players wont pick up because they think its about the silly adventures of Ash Ketchum and the increasingly annoying voice of Pikachu being heard every 15 seconds, though if they picked up one of the good games and gave it a shot they'd find a game that would take forever to complete.

So you start with a lecture by Professor Rowan and then walk downstairs as usual to find your mum blibbering nonsense to you about the annoying speedy friend you somehow like. So you meet him and he drags you out to the Lake right near you, were you meet Rowan and Dawn (Lucas if you picked the girl). Who leave promptly without there suitcase, you walk in the grass and 2 starly attack you, so you open the suitcase and Tadaa you have your very first Pokemon, from Chimchar, Piplup and Turtwig, and so your Gym beating, Galactic Loser Beating, pokemon training begins.

So then you beat all 8 gyms beat the Elite 4 have caught Dialga and what next? You unlock a rectangular island home to what seems to be home to about 100 species of pokemon and you unlock a bunch of Legendary Pokemon to catch and a Pal Park to trade over pokemon from the GBA games

Then those full of themselves PokeRookies think they've alccomplished a feat by catching 20 pokemon. Well news to them there are still 472 to go, counting those tedious event pokemon.
Without the pokemon centre you have the Underground Network where you can dig up gems, battle items and things like elemental stones. Then you can build a secret base and steal a flag from another base.
Theres Wi-fi connectability, Wii Connectability and enough places and ways to get pokemon that'll keep you going for ages.

In my mind this is the Handheld Pokemon game to get and something no horrible disney Spectrobes game can beat redifining a series that will no doubt be continuing when the PS99 has come out, and if it gets you sucked in this game could keep you playing for 99 months straight.
If the only flaw was that it'll take you so long you'll get fired, get dropped from Uni or have to repeat at school, leading you to realise that if this is an easy and childish game, then Grand Theft Auto is like a Tea Party.

A game that once again proves to re invent an awesome series.