New Pokemon game? AMAZING!

User Rating: 8 | Pocket Monsters Platina DS
After Diamond and Pearl, it was logical that a new game would be released. Platinum is the ideal stand alone expansion for Pokemon fans or new players.

For those who do not have played any other Pokemon game it is an Role playing game with the Pokemon monsters. The player is a trainer who can have 6 Pokemon with him to use in battle and other 540 Pokemon at the storage. If you defeat any opponent Pokemon you earn experience and if you have enough you proceed to the next level. Every Pokemon has its unique base stats and one or two types. There are weaknesses and supereffectives with the types, for example if you use a Water type move to a Fire type Pokemon he will take double damage. Each Pokemon can have 4 moves depending on its type. There are total 493 pokemon.

If you know only the basics there some other "tricks". Each Pokemon is born with Individual Values that have a huge effect at battles. So if you want a good Pokemon you have to find the correct one by breeding. Also each Pokemon has its nature that boosts a stat and makes another worse. Therefore you have to find a Pokemon with the correct nature and IVs if you want a perfect Pokemon. After you found the correct Pokemon you have to put the correct Effort values. EVs are put by defeating specific Pokemon.

In contrast with Diamond and Pearl, the Battle Frontier is add which has 5 battle buildings. Also the Torn World is add in which you catch the origin form Giratina. There are also appearance improvements .

To sum up, if you like RPG games, you must buy this one. I believe that it is the best RPG game and better than Final Fantasy.