Nintendo hits the gold, as Platinum is exactly what Diamond/Pearl should have been all along: Uberrific!

User Rating: 10 | Pocket Monsters Platina DS
You've all played Diamond or Pearl, c'mon. Yes, it marked the start of Generation IV, which debuted on the DS. Now, after nearly two years, Nintendo comes out with the third and final chapter of these games, Platinum. So what can we say about it?

Graphics: These were spiffed up a bit, thus earning it the approval nod from Pokémon fans. The game no longer "lags" when riding a bike through town or running.

Distortion World has, hands down, the best graphics in the game. These are pure 3D, and really ask quite a lot from the DS's processing power.

Still, Diamond's graphics were good, and Platinum's are awesome. The attention to detail is fabulous: patches of snow mark the game's changes in relation to temperature, which has now lowered. As such, both trainer's attires have been suited for this Winter theme.

I'll leave you to spot all changes. ;)


Graphics Score: 10/10

Sound: Nothing has changed here. Soundtracks continue to be very good the 2nd time round, which is a bonus, due to repetitiveness. SFX, likewise.

Sound Score: 9/10

Gameplay: You're going to face Sinnoh a second time? Are you ready? Of course you are!

The gameplay is terrific - might I add that it's been the first game in a long time which has me completely addicted to it! Seriously, when Diamond came out, it was nice, but Platinum really gets you hyped with all the new stuff!

The addition of a new NPC - Looker - has brought more interactivity between players. See, he warns you about suspicious people (like Team Galatic), so you know they're there and willing for a kick out into space (handed by you, of course!).

Battle Frontier just comes up as Emerald's did, and you're really gonna love it when you get there.

Distortion World also has you going upside down and sideways to get to Giratina - Platinum's legendary. And, as always, it features tons of legendaries to catch - including Dialga and Palkia, naturally!

And the story is quite funny, count the times you laugh out loud at some of Team Galatic's or your rival's quotes.

Gameplay Score: 10/10

Replay Value: If Diamond was the game with the best replay value on the DS, then what shall we say about Platinum?

Let's see:
- new and improved GT - now with Battle Recorder;
- Battle Frontier;
- Distortion World;
- more interaction with NPCs
- Wi-Fi Plaza!

All this and what D/P had should keep you entertained for hours, well over 100.

Replay Value: 10/10

Overall, Pokemon Platinum is Nintendo's best bet yet. With a solid, humorous story, allied to some pretty pwnful graphics, and a terrific replay value, what can one say about it?

Absolutely fantastic.