Great Pokemon Adventure. One that I really liked.

User Rating: 9 | Pocket Monsters Diamond DS
Pokemon Diamond was one of reasons I really played my DS like no Tommrrow.This is a great game that will keep you busy from hours beyond hours and a great additon to the Pokemon series.You will love this game and this is one game that will keep you busy from time to time.Now Pokemon Diamond starts you off in the new region of Sinnoh.After meeting Professor Rowan to collect your Pokemon and Pokedex.As well as meeting your new Rival and Friend.Your Adventure in the Sinnoh region begins.Now the gameplay hasn't been altered all that much since the other Pokemon games on the Game Boy.However this game makes alot of tweeks and nice features to the Pokemon formula.The graphics have been given a massive overhaul.Everything now has better detail than and the envioronments look much more nicer than before.The Areas are also fun to explore.The Sinnoh region has alot places to explore with lots of Roads,Mountains,Caves,Towns,Cities and much more.The Pokemon in this game are nice.With alot of Classic Pokemon from previous games and some new faces as well.I like the designs for the new ones and I think it shows well for the game.The Battle System is still just as good as ever.With everything you remeber from Red and Blue.However it's been slowed down a bit for some reason which can make some battles go at a Snail's Pace.But this is a minor compliant.The premise of getting all 8 Badages,Defeating an Evil Orginization and Defeating the Elite Four is also here as well.But for me it's still pretty fun.The online is also great with Battling trainers from Across the World,Trading Pokemon and Chatting with Friends is fun.The Online kept me hooked because it was fun with a simple interface.Overall Pokemon Diamond is a great Pokemon Adventure.While the Slow Battle System is questionable.The Hours you will Put into the Adventure and Online is well worth it for this great game.