pokemon diamond and pearl the first real pokemon games for DS is my favorite DS game!it is that good.

User Rating: 10 | Pocket Monsters Diamond DS
remember red and blue?151 pokemon.then silver gold and crystal.even more.then ruby saphire emerald.then firered leaf green.NOW ITS HERE.pokemon diamond and pearl.the best game i personaly think for DS.although music and sounds are re-cycled the game still rocks the top.there are now 486 pokemon i think.the game is better than GBA games.its more 3Der,more pokemoner,and of course betterer.the game features a new conntient new pokemon.everything.the game is very well played.also they added a brand new feature.WIFI.you can challange people all over the world with your router or usb wifi thingy.lol.after the elite 4 is beaten you can trade battle and chat with or without voic chat.that is what is mainly what you do when your done.other than get 486 pokemon.its really fun go buy it.