A great entry in the Pokemon series.

User Rating: 9 | Pocket Monsters Diamond DS
A the first Pokemon game on the DS, this game was hyped to be the best in the series. The game starts off like the others, your a boy/girl going on a journey to become the Pokemon master. You get to chose between the water type Pokemon, Piplup, the fire type, Chimchar, And the grass type Turtwig. The games added 107 new Pokemon, all with great design. The game also add some evolutions to some great Pokemon such as, Magmar, Gligar, Pilowswine, just to name a few. The games graphics were the blocky grid type that we're use to seeing, with good detail in the houses and buildings. Your character for a male was like Ash's clothes in the anime, and the female looked like Dawn. The battle scenes looked great and had great use of color. you also got to mine underground for fossils and items, which was multiplayer. The elite four was a bit hard, but was good for beginners. There are 8 gym leaders, which are rock, grass, ghost, fighting, water, steel, ice, and electric. Overall, its great Pokemon game, although its not the best in the series, its one of the best.