While not the best in series, this will keep you playing for long, long time.

User Rating: 8.9 | Pocket Monsters Diamond DS
The new games of pokemon are finally out, but are they realy that good? the answer is...
Hell yes!
The storyline is really good, just like previous games.
The pokemon never looked better, they are all so cool and colorful now.
The music is charming, fells a FF games.
The gameplay remains the same, kind of. The battles are still turn based, and u cant still Fight, Run, Item and Poke. altho, you choose all of these with ur own finger/stylus! yes, the gameplay just became abit more fun and realistic with the touch screen!
And now comes the big part, the WI-fi!
Yes people, Pokemon world and Wi-Fi has come together, and now you cna battle and trade pokemon with your friends around the globe! Also, there is the underground, where yuo play Capture the Flag with ur enemy online, and can win special items and even pokemon!
With many new attacks and many new pokemon, this game will keep you on and on and on!