The best pokemon game yet more of a 3D look + more then half of the pokemon are new!

User Rating: 9.3 | Pocket Monsters Diamond DS
Well first of all this game has amazing graphics. Indoor the graphics are 2D like the GBA pokemon games but when you go out door its all 3D. The battles are almost the same as the GBA but you use the stylus to fight, change pokemon, use items and run away. The region is very very big. From what I see there are two dead ends on the map.

You start off in a new place ( of course ). I dont know the name since its in ***. Then you go north from your town to find that old man thats in every game. He doesn't get attcked but he forgets his suit case. You go up to it and then pokemon attack you. Then thats when you pick your starter pokemon. So thats where you start.

This game is very good. Make sure you pick this game up when it comes in english.