A Very Engaging Game!

User Rating: 9 | Pocket Monsters Diamond DS
The Good:
-493 Pokemon to collect (Yes, that includes the national pokedex.)
-Amazing soundtrack.
-Lengthy, engaging storyline, side missions, and adventure.
-Nice visuals and animations.
-Addition of online play is a plus.
-New HM's such as rock climb are cool.
-New weather effects such as snow and fog are a nice addition.

The Bad:
-It's the same Pokemon format you've seen for the past 10+ years (Beat 8 gym leaders, beat the elite 4+champion, battle your rival a few times, foil the plot of team *insert generic name here*, catch all pokemon, etc.)
-Sound effects have been recycled from previous games and Pokemon cries sound tinny (Most of which from R/S/E from 2003 and 2005.)
-Some minor problematic online issues.
-Touch screen controls have little use (Check the time, check how many steps you took, use a counter for whatever.)