The same old Pokemon formula

User Rating: 8 | Pocket Monsters Pearl DS
For everyone who has played the previous 3 generations, this game will be pretty bland. First Gen was the original so you can't complain. 2nd Gen was kind of cool because you could explore Kanto and Johto. 3rd Gen had a small and refreshing change in story depth which was much needed. In 4th Gen, they just brought back the same story of 1st and 2nd only with different characters. This game doesn't give off any nostalgia or a change of pace. I'm not saying that this is a bad game because new Pokemon trainers will definitely enjoy this. The story and characters are very boring. All I can really say in this review is that it is way to similar to 1st and 2nd. Pokemon is always a great game to play but some long term fans will get bored. Luckily in 5th gen, the developers make a bold move to revolutionize Pokemon. Besides the fact that handheld Pokemon games are awesome, this game is remarkably unremarkable just like this review.