How much more should I train my team for E4?

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I have: Infernape (49) Staraptor (48) Luxray (49) Lopunny (49) Gastrodon (49) Dialga (49) I know I will obviously have to get their levels up but was just wondering how high you guys would suggest? And the fastest way to level them up?
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i don't know how high lvled up are the E4 in this game, because i never completed this game, but my advice is this: 75 or 70 all pokemons ;). as how lvl ur pokemons, man fight STRONG WILD POKEMONS AND USE THE VS SEEKER TO WIN MORE MONEY, and in the meantime u will get lvled up pokemons and lvled up money ;), and btw USE AMULET COIN ;) so gl, pal ;).