6th pokemon party member(temporary)

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ok,so my main team is this: Murkrow lvl 27, Luxio lvl 29, Gastrodon lvl 35, Prinplup lvl 35, Ponyta lvl 35 and Bidoof lvl 12(he is pratically the hm slave).


my spot at the game: 2 gym badges, training on rt 210 (atm) and put all the "main" pokemons until lvl 35. so, who do you guys think that i should get as a 6th pokemon party member(temporary) btw, i got the happiny from the egg :P, and i got a wild chansey, and a wild cleffa, and i have a SHINY BUDEW on the box, but i'm only waiting until to reach to eterna city to evolve a "friendship / happiness" with my shiny budew and put him as a 6th pokemon member, and evolve into a roserade with a shiny stone, so who do you guys think i should put as a 6th pokemon member and why? and where i can find them, please tell me :), thanks.