The best game in the series.

User Rating: 10 | Pokemon Crystal Version (Pokemon Special Edition GBC Bundle) GBC
Out of all the Pokemon games i played, from red to diamond, this is the best. The graphics aren't as cool or updated as the others but it has the most interesting quest out of all. As it is rare to find Johto, and it is slightly better than Firered and Leafgreen cause it has a way longer quest than the rest of the games and it is not so boring as the mix of time and longevity of its quest is a near perfect team. From a humbles rookie from Johto to a hotshot trainer who became a champ. And once you win against the elite 4, the quest is not over as you get to know and explore Kanto and collect 8 more badges from a Kanto 3 years later and after quest 2, the player challenges Red a.k.a Ash from the anime whose the true champion. Aside from this, there's tons more quest like the Whirl islands and Tin Tower to collect legendary Pokemon. So, in all of Pokemon I seriously recommend this game.