Pokemon Conquest is an amazing game, filled with amazing sprites, awesome attack animations, And strategy galore!

User Rating: 9 | Pokemon + Nobunaga no Yabou DS
Pokemon Conquest is probably my favourite game in the Pokemon series, with the cute and amazing animations, including attacks, and the strategy that is needed is just crazy. I started playing yesterday, and won my first battle easily. It was fun, and not that hard. Then I tried to conquer Iris and Greenleaf, the first 2 Kingdoms, which I struggled a little with. It was getting really fun to try and win in 4 moves to gain new members to my 'army' as it is called. Fountaine was tricky, and showed off some cool interactive features of the battlefield, like the fountain squirting water and damaging Pokemon. What I loved about this is it actually said "Super Effective" against my fire Pokemon, Darumaka, which showed that this was going to be a very strategy based game. After I had 4 Kingdoms under my control: Aurora, Iris, Greenleaf, and Fountaine, I started finding out more about the story. Fighting Zekrom sounded like fun, but I had many Kingdoms to go. I conquered Violight and Chrysilia (Electric and Bug) Next, which we're much trickier and took a few more tries. Then I had to face Pugilis, the Kingdom I had a struggle with. I trained heaps and gained more members for my army before I finally held all 4 flags for 5 turns, which is another interactive feature. puglilis was probably my favourite battle yet, and I am now struggling to defeat Illusio, which is a choice battle. Choosing between it and Terrera to battle, and once choosing, you must defeat that Kingdom to claim the other. That's all i've done so far. In my opinion, this is by far my favourite Pokemon game yet! I really suggest buying it!