Pokemon Conquest is a fusion of different game styles: traditional pokemon RPGs, and turn-based field strategy.

User Rating: 8 | Pokemon + Nobunaga no Yabou DS
Pokemon Conquest is a highly innovative game: a Pokemon game in a battle format that is neither the traditional one-on-one or two-on-two (or, more recently, three-on-three) battle like in the larger releases, nor the mini-game battles -- such as Tetris -- found in small-scale releases. This makes the game both new and outstandingly fun, being neither traditional nor based on mini-games. Instead, battles are conducted in a six-on-six battle style found in many games, perhaps most famously in the Final Fantasy Tactics series. Pokemon Conquest is almost overwhelming in the choices you can make: you can take just about any of the strongest Pokemon evolution chains and train them until they are crushingly strong, and then use them all together on a team! This dream is made easy by the game's quick leveling system, in which Pokemon usually grow between one-sixth of a level and four levels in a battle. Pokemon Conquest is also convenient: having one or sometimes even two battles in each of the 17 cities you eventually gain control of is a long and arduous process, so the game's creators give you the power to have your warriors train independently. Once you beat the (rather short) game, it is very re-playable: you get to pick another quest and play as another character, and have a second blast of conquest.
With the positive side of Pokemon Conquest aside, there are also some things that Pokemon Conquest lacks. Probably the most prominent item on this list is that the plot -- the first one, anyways -- is not very engaging, with plot twists that are boring and, frankly, unoriginal. The characters are also just a bit flat. Still, I highly recommend Pokemon Conquest; it is an innovative, fun game.