Different but a fun experience.

User Rating: 9.5 | Pokemon + Nobunaga no Yabou DS
When i first saw this game, i wasn't sure what to think because many other pokemon games that had there formula changed disappointed me (pokemon mystery dungeon). This game though was a pleasant and nice surprise. The game play is pretty much final fantasy rpg'ing but in ancient Japan and with some Pokemon aspects to churn it up a bit. Now if you're worried about the language barrier it is very easy to catch on. Move pokemon, attack and standby. Once you get used to the buttons position on the screen you'll get by. That being said, good luck with the dialogue but that was a lost cause from the start. Basically you go around and conquer areas/castles and while doing so add allies which give you more pokemon to use. You can revisit areas and train with wild pokemon and go to shops etc. Since I'm not far in the game at the moment this is all i can say but if you're looking for a nice RPG with newly added touches, i would definitely recommend this game.