great game probably the best out of the canon games

User Rating: 10 | Pokemon + Nobunaga no Yabou DS
Pokémon in the game can grow in strength by increasing their link with their Warrior. A Pokémon's single move will strengthen as the link increases, signified by +1 (20% link), +2 (40% link), +3 (60% link), +4 (80% link), or +S (100% link), being added to the move's name. Depending on how well matched a pair is, the maximum value of the link between the two varies, with most Warriors only able to achieve a 100% or Perfect Link with a single species of Pokémon. Aside from growing more powerful, Pokémon may evolve when their link reaches a high enough percentage, though there are also Pokémon which evolve through other conditions such as the use of specific items. Warriors can also establish links with Pokémon other than the one they started with, though only one can be used by each Warrior in a given battle at a time. Certain Warriors will have a more difficult time finding their Perfect Link than others, as some Pokémon only appear on special, random occasions. However, through the use of a password these Pokémon can be found much more easily. In the case of legendary Pokémon, which certain Warlords share Perfect Links with, they each have their specific criteria required for appearing.