If you're a pokemon fan who loves to battle, this game is for you.

User Rating: 8 | Pokemon Colosseum GC
Pokemon Colosseum is another RPG like the previous games with a few differences.

Gameplay-10/10- You start off as a boy leaving an evil organisation(otherwise known as the one and only team snagem) with trusted pokemon espeon and umbreon. Soon, you meet a girl(who follows you EVERYWHERE you go) who has the ability to see shadow pokemon. What are shadow pokemon? Shadow pokemon are pokemon whose hearts are closed and attack people. During battle, its up to you to use your "snag machine" to throw pokeballs in hopes of catching it(some aren't so hard to catch, but others are). You will also travel to different cities(well, duh!) and compete in tounaments while your progress through the story mode and defeat team snagem. Plus, there's a battle mode where you can fight with random pokemon(or use the pokemon that you're raising) in tournaments. Another feature is trading, of course. You may use your GBA system to bring pokemon in and out of the games. One more thing I'd like to mention that the game is LOADED with battles, so there's plenty of 3-d action for you.

Sound-8.5-Good music


Overall- After a while it gets boring, but a pokemon fan should play this at least once, especially those who like to fight.