Pokemon Colosseum Is Instantly Classic 10/10

User Rating: 10 | Pokemon Colosseum GC
This game is the first ever console based adventure RPG Pokemon game released in 2004. The game is in a new region of Pokemon, The Orre region, Your player in this game is a teenager who snags what appear to be shadow Pokemon or snagged Pokemon. The games battle system operates allot like how Stadium and Stadium 2's did. You venture from town to town, from city to city, from coast to coast like you do on the GB.GBC,GBA, and DS Pokemon games. The graphics for this game are superb. The music is very catchy. And the sound effects are great as well. The character models for the Pokemon look very detailed and awesome. The characters human ones look very great as well. You can import your Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire on here as well. This game has 2 modes Story and Colosseum. In story it's allot like how it is on the GameBoy and DS Pokemon games. And the Colosseum mode is where you can battle in 2P mode or against the CPU. Pokemon colloseum is a wonderful game and it is worth it to any Pokemon fan.

10/10 Perfect