Still entertaining till this day ^^

User Rating: 7.5 | Pokemon Colosseum GC
-All new story mode
-new snag ability
-Gold and silver pokemon are back
battle mode
-You can only snag "Shadow" pokemon
-You have to trade to get all the pokemon
-The Storymode is a bit short
For the first time in a Pokemon game there is a story mode and no, it's not "become the most powerful trainer" like in the previous games. An evil organization is trying to get world domination by using "Shadow" pokemon. Shadow pokemon can betray their trainers when in "hyper" mode and become even more powerful. Your job is to snag and purify the "Shadow" Pokemon. After stealing the snag machine from Team Snagem's hideout, you escape with your Umbreon and Espeon. You find this girl who is kidnapped by members from Team Snagem and you rescue her. She decides to come with you on your journey and she isn't just a pretty face, she has the inhuman ability to see which pokemon are "Shadow" Pokemon.

Let's start off with the pro's. There is an all new story mode which is great. You have an all new snag ability which has you steal or "snag" the "Shadow" pokemon. Unlike the limited species of pokemon in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, the Gold/Silver pokemon are back! As you can see, the graphics are great and clear and the music of the battles and towns will keep your ears happy.

Okay, now for the con's. The battle mode is a disappointment. You need a Gamecube/Gameboy Advance cable and Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire along with a Gameboy Advance to battle with a friend. To trade in story mode you need to beat the game and you can't get all the pokemon without trading. You can only snag, unfortunately, "Shadow" pokemon.