Pointless, waste of a game

User Rating: 1 | Pokemon Box: Ruby and Sapphire (GBA Link Cable Pack) GC
Whoop de do! we have space for another 1,500 pokemon! hang on, you can fit 420 pokemon on the PC in game? Isn't this a bit pointless? Sure there's more than 420 pokemon on the pokedex, but only after diamond and pearl was made! 420 is enough for the whole of the ruby and sapphire national dex! Requires:
~59 Slot memory card
~Two memory cards, one for your ruby and the other for sapphire!
~Gamecube / GBA cable thing

~59 Slot memory card

Is it good:

If your sad and you want more than one of each pokemon then yes its OK, but if you aren't sad and you want to complete your pokedex but with one of each pokemon, no its definitely not worth it. You would be better off spending a little less on another pokemon ruby / sapphire. OR emerald which is much better than either one! So if you are planning to buy 'Pokemon box: Ruby and Sapphire' (oh yeah, did i mention its got the most uninspired name ever?), think again before you waist your money!