How many of you started with Red or Blue?

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I got Pokemon Red when I was 6, then Yellow and Gold and so on and so forth. But how many that started with the orignals actually like black and white? Or are you like me and think every game since orignals have gotten worse? Whats your opinon? I mean black and white is a 7 where Red was a 10 in my book, Yellow and Gold were 10's just as good as Red. Ruby and Saphire are 8 and Pearl and Diamond are 8. Do you guys or girls feel the same way? Do you feel Black and White 2 might be alot better? 

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I did, man. I got Blue when I was about 11 or 12. Like every middle school in the country, it had taken mine by storm. To this day I remember being flabbergasted the first time I saw everybody playing the card game or linking their GameBoys to play R/B at lunch. Thing is, I went to a strict Baptist private school and eventually a rumor went around saying that Pokemon were Japanese deities or demons or some such. The parents went nuts and it was banned from my school. Due to lack of money and strict parents I ended up skipping Gen II and III (save by emulation), but then a few years ago I got a DS Lite and Diamond. Diamond is still my favorite in the series. I loved the interface (the digital watch thing in the lower screen was well designed and ridiculously convenient) and the Gen IV critters were really well designed (especially the legendary dragons). I own and have beaten Black but it feels kinda unfinished. The C-Gear thing is confusing and there doesn't seem to be much point to half the areas you unlock after you beat the game, in particular the version exclusive towns. I know the major complaint with the series is how steadfastly it refuses to change, but you have to give Nintendo credit. Very few other series would survive this long with virtually no change to the core mechanics (excluding all that EV crap and other stuff of that ilk).