Hi! What's your favourite Pokemon?

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#1 Posted by BWBtehawezome (25 posts) -

My favourite Pokemon is Lucario, but I also like Hydreigeon and Mewtwo! 

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That depends on the type. Lets list the major ones:


Fire = Reshiram


Grass = Sceptile


Water = Shiny Gyarados


Electric = Zekrom


Bug = Heracross


Flying = Braviary


Need I go on? :)

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Has, and always will be CHARIZARD!

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My Favorite Pokemon is... EEVEE!
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Fraligator or something like that. I had 6 of those on level 99 back in the days :D
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Mewtwo, pikachu, lucario, clefairy, sceptile, buizel, luxray, shaymin, victini, dragonite, electabuzz, Ho-oh, and Lugia.
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Lucario and Kyurem