coming back into pokemon

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So the last game I left off with was Soul Silver and have been playing that to death just reminincing about the old pokemon days, but lately I want to start a new adventure. Half of me says I should buy gold and relive it again from the start and then the other says I should try something new. 


Well my point really is that I have skipped black and white versions so I wanted to know if it's a good idea to get black/white or black2/white2. I understand the core differences between the generations but should I just go with b/w because it's the "original" version anyway or if I get b2/w2 I wouldn't be missing out on anything?

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Do you mean heard gold on the ds? Then I'd say get black/white since heart gold and soul silver are identical. If you mean gold on gameboy then yeah why not. I am pokemon fan and last year I played fire red 165+ hours and skipped all ds pokemon games. When it comes to pokemon it doesn't matter which one you play. You won't really care if the graphics are old or new you just love pokemon for the way it is and it never changes its formula even if you played the first one on the gameboy you'd see that it is the same as black2/white2.