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First and foremost, at any point in this game do I get a watch/multi-use device in my lower screen like in Diamond? I really miss that thing, and I loved having the function that allowed me to see when my pokemon had bred and laid an egg. Second, am I going to be able to go back and take on trainers I've already fought? I'm four badges and 20 hours into this game and have yet to see any evidence of being able to go back and re-battle, and that's kinda useful for after the game for a number of reasons. Third, who on earth was in charge of localization for this game? A lot of opening lines from trainers sound make it sound like they're stroke victims. Finally, the event pokemon...hoo boy, this is frustrating. Back when the DSi came out a while back my impatience got the better of me (I was also unemployed and so didn't have a penny to my name) and I decided to trade in my DS Lite and all the games I had for it, but never actually bought the console (I think I just traded it in toward an Xbox360 game). I now have money and bought Black just this past Friday (along with a 3DS and two other games), and, after poking around Bulbapedia to help me get re-acclimated, I found out that I missed several of those event pokemon. My question is this: will I be able to get any of these at all? I know that to use the global trade you have to have at least seen the pokemon so it's entered in your 'Dex but I'm not sure if that's even possible as I've missed all the event pokemon up to this point. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks in advance, guys.