As A Newcomer To Pokemon, White Version 2 Is Solid, Fun and Easy To Get Into

User Rating: 7 | Pocket Monsters White 2 DS
As a newcomer to the Pokemon world, having only played some of the older titles on the original Gameboy Color and Advance - I bought Pokemon White Version 2 with my Nintendo 3DS console, and like the originals I had played I found this version an up-scaled version of older titles, but still with the accessibility the original titles offered me years before. The story-line plays out like other titles in the series; you are a young man who is given his first Pokemon, and told to go out on an epic adventure of exploration and to battle other Pokemon trainers and their Pokemon.

This was done in the original title of the series I first remember in Pokemon Yellow, the scale of the game is almost the same in White Version 2. You must go out and explore the world of Unova Region of the Pokemon world. The same elements of 'grinding' as it is known to gamers - the practice of leveling up either your character in RPG games, or in this instance your Pokemon through battles is still very pivotal. Walking through tall grass is how you find and confront wild Pokemon, in order to battle them - and this is usually a mix of common, and sometimes relatively medium-common of Pokemon that you can fight for XP, and even capture them if you are quick enough with a Poke Ball.

This method of gaming has been used over and over again in past Pokemon titles, going back to the original Gameboy but it works well, and even years later in White Version 2 it's what can add hours of game play to your time; as you constantly battle rival trainers or wild Pokemon for XP. This system even encourages you to do that, as you want your Pokemon to get stronger, faster, or be able to use new abilities or attacks after passing into the next level of their experience. This in itself is what makes you play on, to get these new abilities or to make their attacks stronger.

Graphically White Version 2 looks amazing, considering my last experience with a Pokemon title was as far back before 2000 with Pokemon Yellow on Gameboy original. White Version 2 looks great, and plays with no issues, no lag in terms of game play and the sound and music is as good as it's original. With all Pokemon titles you know you are going to get the same formula and system of the older titles, perhaps with enhanced graphics or new gimmicks to the game. This didn't put me off, particularly as I had paid £29.99 for White Version 2 with my 3DS, but knowing alone I was looking at hours of game play, capturing new Pokemon and leveling up made me pay out the full-retail-price for it.

I personally have already invested about two hours into the game, and probably haven't even passed 1% of the overall story-arc, as I've been mainly leveling up through Pokemon battles, capturing newer Pokemon and battling rival trainers for cash; it's easy to lose track of time on these types of missions, general exploration.

The Good:

- A simple, yet very typical Pokemon plot, and story-line.
- A good musical score to the game, and sound effects.
- Graphically stunning, as the newest entry in the series it looks amazing as a DS game on a 3DS console.
- Hours of game play, with quests and general leveling up through battles can make you lose track of real time as you play.
- Some new Pokemon types, and models make the game feel and seem brand new.

The Bad:

- Really the only issue I have found with the game, is that it's the same formula, and system as past installments; not always a good thing, but not always a bad thing either depending on the person playing.

All in all, White Version 2 is very enhanced and improved on since the last installment in the series with enhanced graphics and new elements in the game play. As it's the latest installment before the highly anticipated Pokemon X and Y games, it can provide some new gimmicks, and hours of additional game play until these next titles arrive.